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  • Transbase® Getting Started
    contains a brief summary of the first steps with Transbase®. Learn how to start and run Transbase® and how to program applications.
  • Transbase® System Guide
    contains an introduction to administration and operation of Transbase® servers and databases.
  • Transbase® SQL Reference Manual
    provides a complete description of the syntax and semantics of the Transbase® SQL with both standard SQL features and proprietary extensions.
  • Transbase® TBI Reference Manual
    describes the command-line based interactive frontend to Transbase®.
  • Utility Routines with Transbase®
    describes the set of library functions provided to handle C structures like NUMERIC and DATETIME used in programmatic interfaces.
  • Transbase® Performance Tuning Guide
    provides in-depth information about performance tuning of database operations and queries.
  • Transbase® CD-ROM Guide
    describes the specific features of CD-ROM based databases, their installation and maintenance.
  • CCL (Command Control Language)
    is a programmable command interpreter with access to Transbase® database.
  • Transbase® JDBC Driver
    describes the usage of the Transbase JDBC driver providing access to Transbase databases from Java programs.
  • Transbase® and PHP
    describes the PHP interface that can be used to access Transbase® from PHP websites.
  • Stored Procedures and User-Defined Functions
    provides a complete guide to the definition of user-defined functions and procedures in Transbase® servers.
  • Transbase® Call Interface TCI
    provides a complete description of Transbase®'s native programming interface for C/C++ programs.
  • Transbase® Tbtar-SDK
    describes the programmatic interface to the tbtar database archiving/backup utility.
  • Transbase® Tbarc-SDK
    describes the programmatic interface to the tbarc database archiving/backup utility.
  • Transbase® Tbadmin-SDK
    describes the usage of the tbadmin library providing a programmatic interface to Transbase administration.
  • Transbase® Redistribution Guide
    describes how to redistribute Transbase® with your application.
  • Transbase® OLEDB-Data-Provider
    describes the usage of this provider to access Transbase® databases through OLEDB or interfaces based on OLEDB like ADO.
  • Transbase® ADO.NET Data Provider 2.0
    describes the usage of the Transbase® ADO.NET driver providing access to Transbase databases from .NET programs.

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