Transaction Software - Who we are and what distinguishes us

With high speed for success

In less than ten years, the annual volume of new data generated by Big Data and Internet of Things will be over 163 ZB - about 447 EB daily, 310 PB per minute and 5.2 PB or 5,200 TB per second. The data revolution will be introduced in every area of ​​our lives. Are these gigantic data still tradable?

That's for sure: Fast and good decisions require intelligent search mechanisms based on scalable solutions. We are on.


As the provider of the resource-optimized high-performance database system Transbase®, we have been specializing in innovative database products and first-class data storage and data processing services.

Our Business Principles

We work together with our customers for mutual success. The focus of our work is to support our customers today and in the future with excellent products and comprehensive services.

One of the proven management principles at Transaction Software is a transparent, value-based, quality- and performance-oriented work environment. We place emphasis on partnership, openness and the exchange of competence and knowledge in order to continuously and consistently develop ourselves and our product and service offer for our customers.

Our Management

From developers for developers

Our team is made up of experienced and practice-oriented specialists for intelligent algorithms and superior processes who love to develop intelligent search technologies for large amounts of data and optimally support digital business processes - that is our passion! We offer you database know-how at the highest level.

Your application know-how and our specific database know-how will make your application even more powerful and better equipped for growing amounts of data and faster decisions.

Our Section Heads

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