Transaction Software Company History

Since 2018 we are working on our second flagship product line Cryptbase with C-chain to secure digital transactions and SecureBase to securely exchange all digital content.

In 2017, Transbase® Edge is launched to use Transbase® in distributed Web environments. Transbase® is migrated to a Single Process Architecture with application-specific databases (microservices), support for new platforms, various SQL extensions and protocol optimizations for the effective use of Transbase® in IoT applications.

In 2016, Transaction Software receives support for the development of the Secure Document Exchange System (SDES)  based on SecureBase via the Central Intelligence Center of the BMWi (ZIM).

In 2015, Transaction Software faces the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). On behalf of Generali Versicherung AG, the insurance product Vivo is created - a personal coach for all sitatuions of everyday life. Vivo is a smart solution that combines sophisticated self-service features as well as professional medical services and active care services.

In 2014, Transbase® V. 7.1 is launched. Thanks to the direct support of the native 64bit architecture, Transbase® is again experiencing a significant performance gain. By extending a user-specific name space, the use of Transbase® within web applications (apps) is greatly simplified by many simultaneous users. Intelligent extensions in the area of ​​synchronous and semisynchronous replication enable better load distribution and increased protection against data loss in replicated databases.

In 2012, Transbase® V. 6.9 will focus on the enhancement of high availability and scalability through Replication & Grid Technology and improved parallel processing. Transaction Software is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

In 2010, Transaction Software is running Transbase® V. 6.8. As one of the first database systems, Parallel Processing of database queries using Multicore technology. Transaction Software enters into new development partnerships with msg systems ag and Sulzer GmbH.

In 2009, the company Robert Bosch GmbH introduced Transbase® Mobile as database system for the diagnostic devices of the KTS series and relies on the technology and database know-how of Transaction Software. Transaction Software und AuDaCon AG (today TecAlliance GmbH) enter into a partner agreement.

In 2008, Transbase® Mobile is launched.

In 2007, Robert Bosch GmbH opted for Transbase® as a strategic platform. The cooperation concerning the Automotive Aftermarket application ESItronic, which uses the Transbase® CD, will be further expanded.

In 2004, Transbase® D is general available. Transaction Software's business center moves to the Messestadt München-Riem.

In 2003, Transaction Software further expands the automotive segment around the product Transbase® CD in Europe. With Einsa Multimedia a well-known Spanish company is won as a customer.

In 2002, with E-Plus, T-Mobile and O2 three leading telecommunication companies deployed Transbase® Hypercube. TecDoc Information System (today TecAlliance GmbH) is the strategic platform for intelligent storage and efficient finding for Transbase® CD. It begins the strategic cooperation in the USA with Bell & Howell / ProQuest (today Snap-On Business Solutions). The expansion of the US business with the acquisition of industrial and automotive customers using the Transbase® CD represents another global milestone.

In 2001, Transaction Software for the product Transbase® Hypercube is awarded the European ICT Prize for successful and innovative applications in information technology. The market researcher media control GmbH will become the first customer for Transbase® Hypercube. The market researcher uses the sales panel applications music, book and games on intelligent database technology and competent service know-how of Transaction Software.

In 2000, Transbase® Hypercube is generally available. BMW AG is a further major automotive manufacturer using the Transbase® CD.

In 1998, Transaction Software became involved in the international development project MDA, which provides the basis for the development of the multidimensional index and Transbase® Hypercube.

In 1995, the successful cooperation with the company Empolis Information Management GmbH (Bertelsmann Group) began. Together, major industrial and automotive customers are used, who use the Transbase® CD.

In 1992, Transaction Software and its customer DAT Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH continue to expand their focus in the automotive sector.

In 1991, Transbase® CD is generally available. It starts a partnership with the two major system integrators Hewlett-Packard Germany and ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH. Through the successful cooperation with the Infocom Group from Japan, Transaction Software is opening up the market presence in Asia and thus a global milestone. General Motors, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen are won over as major automotive customers. All rely on Transbase® CD.

In 1989, the database management system developed by Prof. Rudolf Bayer at the Chair for Database Bases and Knowledge Bases at the Technical University of Munich is named Transbase®.

In 1987, Transaction Software GmbH was founded in Munich as a spin-off of the Chair of Database Systems and Knowledge Bases of the Technical University of Munich, headed by Prof. Dr. Rudolf Bayer. From the beginning, a close collaboration with science and research is set up.