Transaction Software - innovative Database Technology Made in Germany

As a supplier of the resource-optimized, high-performance Database System Transbase® we are specified on innovative searching technologies for huge data volumes (Big Data) as well as high-class Services for Database Systems. Intelligent searches and efficient finding are our passion.

Your Application know-how and our specific Database know-how makes your Application ready for  Big Data, BA / BI or IoT to work even more efficiently and better for growing data amounts and quicker decisions. Due to its robust architecture our High-End Database Transbase® is the Database System of future demands. 

Transbase® - resource-optimized, high-performance Database

Transbase® optimizes the possibilities of current hardware and, thanks to sophisticated and unique indexing techniques, makes it possible to find the right answers quickly.

Through its wide range of Technologies and Options, Transbase® provides the best support for application development in a wide range of applications. Its built-in Security Mechanisms provide adequate protection.

Transbase® is robust and efficient and designed for various operating modes:

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C-chain for secure and immutable digital Business Processes

C-chain is used for the correct, immutable, complete and checkable (CICC) booking of transactions of a digital business process (Smart Contract) via a public or private account (public/private ledger).

Similar to other Blockchain variants, C-chain consists of a distributed database whose contents are protected against subsequent changes. The participants of the C-chain can securely exchange their data via transaction chains within the C-chain-architecture. Compared to other Blockchain variants, C-chain is much more efficient, simpler and very easy to handle.

C-chain is characterized by

√ a unique cryptID
√ Elimination of the login process
√ Elimination of a complex infrastructure
√ Securing Transactions through Cryptographic Procedures
√ Leverage the benefits of distributed database engineering (ACID, serialization, integrity)

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Innovation Award IT 2018 of the initiative mittelstand: C-chain Best of IT-Security >>>>>

Initiative Mittelstand awards INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2018 to particularly innovative IT solutions with high benefits for SMEs. The expert jury awards in this category the title BEST OF 2018:

C-chain for secure and immutable Business Processes

The excellent product convinced the jury and belongs to the top group of this year's INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT. The Initiative Mittelstand has therefore chosen particularly innovative solutions that make medium-sized companies fit for a successful digital future.

SecureBase for Secure Cloud Services

SecureBase is used for the storage and Secure Exchange of all confidential Documents such as contracts, patent data, papers, photos, videos.

SecureBase can also be used as a platform for OEMs to provide Secure Cloud Services and be used both within a Public Cloud and within a personal or enterprise-wide Private Cloud.

A Java-based graphical frontend tool and an Android app give exemplary access to SecureBase.

SecureBase allows

  • storing and retrieving encrypted documents,
  • exchanging documents with authenticated users as well as
  • managing the key pairs of a user
  • and authenticating third-party users.

The procedure can be applied to different services:

  • Mail service
  • Archive Service
  • Message Service
  • Calendar service 

Learn more about using SecureBase as a Secure Document Exchange System (SDES).

SecureBase is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology based on a resolution of the German House of Representatives.

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