Publications & Literature

Due to our Product Development and our close Scientific Cooperation with Universities, leading Research Institutes and Knowledge Networks, we are always confronted with topics that we publish as a company or individual employees of Transaction Software.

For software developers on the customer side we offer helpful recommendations. You can also profit from this practice-oriented collection of Knowledge at any time.

Here you can directly download some of the publications.

» Processing Star Queries on Hierarchically-Clustered Fact Tables
» The BUB-Tree
» Interval Processing with the UB-Tree
» Interactive ROLAP on Large Databases: A Case Study with UB-Trees
» Exploitation of Pre-Sortedness for Sorting in Query Processing: The TempTris-Algorithm for UB-Trees
» HINTA: A Linearization Algorithm for Physical Clustering of Complex OLAP Hierarchies
» The Transbase Hypercube RDBMS: Multidimensional Indexing of Relational Tables
» Bulk loading a Data Warehouse built upon a UB-Tree
» Integrating the UB-Tree into a Database System Kernel
» Processing Relational OLAP Queries with UB-Trees and Multidimensional Hierarchical Clustering
» Efficient Processing of the Cube Operator
» Physical Data Modeling for Multidimensional Access Methods
» Improving OLAP Performance by Multidimensional Hierarchical Clustering
» MISTRAL: Processing Relational Queries using a Multidimensional Access Technique
» Processing Operations with Restrictions in Relational Database Management Systems without external Sorting

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