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Here you find information about the business activities and services of Transaction Software, as well as about planned projects and application possibilities of our products.


Our current Product Developments, Awards, Webinars & Workshops:

» Transbase® Edge V.8.4 ab 09/2020 allgemein verfügbar
» Transbase® Edge V.8.3 generally available from 09/2019
» Transbase® Edge V.8.2 generally available from 05/2019
» Webinar on February 21, 2019: Transbase Edge V.8.2 - What's new?
» Webinar: The new major release Transbase® Edge V.8.1 is generally available!
» IoT-Database Transbase® Edge generally available from 11/2017

Where to meet us:

» at the Canadian-German cooperation exchange - AI and Industry 4.0 held by ZD.B
» at the cluster meeting on digitalization of production - blockchain is breaking new ground
» on the Innovation Day 2018 held by Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy
» at the IoTcamp2017 by Cassini
» at CeBIT 2017

We look forward to your contact. Are you planning on visiting us? Find our route descriptions here.

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