Consulting Services / Trainings / Partner Program

Our team of experienced and practice-oriented specialists for intelligent algorithms and superior processes offers you database know-how at the highest level.

Our Consulting Services include:

  • Special Developer Support by dedicated contact persons
  • Support in architecture, design, development
  • Creation of prototypes and schemas
  • Support for code development
  • Support for system, network or architecture design as well as optimization
  • Application adaptation and integration of Transbase to existing central databases
  • Targeted performance tuning and optimization of query times (if required)
  • Review of your Applications
  • Recommendations for the tuning, development or implementation of security rules or security guidelines

Do you have questions about using Transbase® or are you planning a project? Then contact us. We're here to help.

Our special Transbase® Training Program for you:

» Module I: Transbase® Basic Training (2 days)

» Module II: Transbase® Administration Training (1 day)

» Module III: Transbase® Application Development Training (1 day)

» Module IV: Transbase® Hypercube and Data Warehouses (1 day)

» Module V: Transbase® CD and CD-ROM Tuning (1 day)

Additional Options:

In addition to Transbase® training, we also offer general SQL training and Data Warehouse Workshops.

Optionally, a certification test can be taken to modules I-III. The participant is then Certified Transbase® Administrator (CTA) and is authorized to act as a Transaction Solution Partner.

The prices quoted are per participant and plus VAT. For the in-house training, we offer the Transbase® trainings at a daily rate of € 2,500 plus expenses and VAT.

Venue for trainings and workshops:

Trainings and workshops usually take place in our training rooms: Transaction Software GmbH, Willy-Brandt-Allee 2, 81829 Munich (exact directions)

We are also happy to help you with room reservations. We also offer all courses as in-house trainings. The number of participants should not exceed six.

The composition and sequence of the trainings can be arranged individually, in consultation with our trainers. All trainings take place 4 times a year after consultation with the training participants.

Please contact us to get more information about a specific Transbase® training or to book a course. We're here to help.

Transbase® Partner Program

The Transbase® Partner Program has been specially developed for our development partners.

To obtain the 'Transbase® Certified Partner' status we require:

  • Conclusion of a Partner Contract with Transaction Software (runtime individually adjustable)
  • Participation in Transbase® Training Modules I-III and subsequent Certification. The participant is then Transbase® Certified Administrator (TCA) and is authorized to officially act as Transbase® Certified Partner (TCP).

Your advantage as Transbase® Certified Partner:

Each Transbase® Certified Partner is given the opportunity to use all necessary subscriptions in the latest version.

The Transbase® subscriptions can be flexibly adapted so that they can be refinanced from the partner's project, product, or service offer (for example, limited to individual applications or limited to maximum unit numbers).

For more information on the Transbase® Partner Program, please contact us.