Transbase® - the versatile Database System for your Applications

The resource-optimized high-performance database system Transbase® impresses with its 4S technology and a wide range of integrated options that optimally support the special requirements of a wide variety of applications and arbitrary can be combined. Its lean and efficient implementation make Transbase® a high performance complete system for mobile applications, edge computing on IoT devices (eg Raspberry Pi ) up to large server installations. Sophisticated and unique Indexing techniques allow you to quickly find complex search queries. 

Following Transbase® Operating Modes are available:

A look behind the scenes: Transbase® Inside

With a broad range of Technologies and Options Transbase® offers optimal application development support in many areas and provides your application with out-of-the-box support with optimized functionality. It thus saves you in many cases the explicit programming of specific functionality within your application.

Following Transbase® Technologies are available out-of-the-box:

Transbase® Edge Highlights

Transbase® Edge (from V. 8.1) is generally available since November 2017. This means for all available previous versions of Transbase® that Access, Maintenance and Support will only be available including ELS.

Due to its new Single Process Architecture (SPA) coming with V. 8.1 Transbase® Free is no longer available as automatic Transbase® Free Download. 

⇒ Read more about the subscription under purchasing of Transbase®.

Transbase® V. 8.1 is available with SSL Encryption and IPv6 support. Furthermore, it still provides the ability to encrypt databases at the page level to protect them from access outside of Transbase®.

⇒ Read more about Transbase® Security under Data and Access Protection.

With the change of the System Architecture within Transbase® V. 8.1 we improved  the portability of Transbase®, because

  • Transbase® is now LSB 4.1 compliant
  •  for one-row-select we have optimized the protocols so that now only a round trip is required
  •  with V. 8.1 we made some important SQL extensions and enabled them for all Transbase® operating modes

⇒ Read more about this under Developer Support.

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