Transbase® Licensing & Transbase® Subscription

Transbase® Subscription - full version

You will receive the Transbase® full version as a Subscription with a term of one (1) or three (3) years (by default). We can also arrange individual terms or a consolidation of several subscriptions at a specific end date (co-term). The type and scope of the subscription depends on the Application (DEVELOPER or CORE unit) as well as on the Transbase® Life Cycle.

A Subscription includes ACCESS, MAINTENANCE and SUPPORT for the current version(s) and the agreed period according to the purchased unit. During the term of a SUBSCRIPTION, you will receive ACCESS and MAINTENANCE through our service portal. SUPPORT is provided in German language and other languages, depending on need and availability.

Our MAINTENANCE Services include:
  • Provision of known bug fixes as patches
  • Updates or minor releases
  • Functional expansion of the SOFTWARE as major releases
  • Adjustment of additional options
  • Adaptation of the software to new operating system releases and versions as far as Transaction Software offers this in general
Our SUPPORT Services include:
  • DEVELOPER-SUPPORT (DEVELOPER unit) - help with installation, use, problem diagnosis and troubleshooting in the development area
  • PRODUCTION-SUPPORT (CORE unit) - help with installation, application tests, usage, problem diagnoses and troubleshooting in the production area

Older versions are supported six months after availability of the new version. In addition, you can purchase MAINTENANCE and SUPPORT as EXTENDED LIFECYCLE SUPPORT (ELS).

Transbase® Edge (from V. 8.1) is available since November 2017. This means for all available previous versions of Transbase® that ACCESS, MAINTENANCE and SUPPORT will only be available including ELS beginning May 2018.

We recommend upgrading from older version (V. 6.9.1 and earlier) to V. 8.1 or higher.

Do you need help migrating to a newer version? Then please contact us for a tailored offer.

Transbase® Evaluation

Test Transbase® with your Application in your personal work environment. Transbase® Evaluation is a Transbase® full version with all available Variants, Technologies and Options,  which we provide ACCESS, MAINTENANCE and SUPPORT for 30 days. It is intended exclusively for test operation. A productive, commercial use as well as a sublicensing in the sense of a transmission of the test license are not permitted by contract.

To download Transbase® Evaluation you need a myTransaction Login. Please read our instructions for downloading Transbase® Evaluation.

After the test phase has expired, you can purchase a Transbase® Subscription. The evaluation version can be seamlessly converted into a full version and the already made adaptations can be adopted.

Contact us and we will provide you with a tailored offer.

Due to its new Single Process Architecture (SPA) coming with V. 8.1 (Transbase® Edge) Transbase® Free is no longer available as automatic Transbase® Free Download.


Transbase® Projects

Do you have a project in which you might want to use Transbase®? But you do not already know Transbase® well enough to decide how Transbase® is best for you?

No problem: We help you with your Proof-of-Concept project and have put together a trial package of software and services. We would be glad to provide you with it.

Do you have any further questions or requests? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Please also note our additional Consulting-Services & Tranings.