Transbase® Mobile on Raspberry Pi

With Version 7.1.2 Transbase® is available on the ARM-based platform family Raspberry Pi and related platforms such as Odroid. Typically these platforms are very popular for Embedded Software with the Linux variants RASPBIAN, PIDORA or ARCH LINUX. On these platforms, Transbase® can take full advantage of its strength and provide the best Database Performance with minimal resources.

Administration and roll-out of Databases are as simple as possible: Transbase® automatically adapts to the size of the available main memory and the number of processor cores. In addition, there are no functional limitations.

Embedded Systems typically use flash storage like SD cards to store persistent data. Transbase® supports these media, especially by writing a sequential transaction log to guarantee perseverance without having to write individual database blocks over and over again.

Our Transbase® Partner Program provides optional support for application developers.