Transbase® Data and Access Protection

Encrypted Data Storage and Transmission

Transbase® databases are best suited for decentralized applications. Mobile devices can quickly get lost or fall into the wrong hands. That's why encrypted data storage is particularly important for mobile devices.

For this purpose, Transbase® databases can be configured so that all database contents are only stored in encrypted form on the data media.

As a client-server system, Transbase® is ideal for direct communication over the Internet or local area networks in the case of a distributed application that accesses one or more central database servers. The protection of data communication is becoming more and more important. Transbase® can be configured during database creation so that communication between client and server takes place only in encrypted form.

Access Protection through passwords and privileges

Access to Transbase® databases is always protected by passwords, which are also stored in the database only in encrypted form. In conjunction with the following privileges, the access of different users to the stored information can be managed very differentiated.

Even the privileges defined by the SQL standard - access rights to tables, views or stored procedures are fully supported by Transbase®. They regulate for each user the rights to read, insert, delete or modify data. Rights are assigned at table or column level, also with the possibility to pass rights on transitive.

Especially in combination with views, privileges allow personalized access protection without having to keep data redundant. In addition, the appropriate use of privileges prevents, for example, trigger-controlled access logs from being manipulated by the users.

Since version 8, the communication between an application and Transbase® via TCP / IP has been secured via SSL routines.

It is still possible to encrypt databases at the page level in order to protect them from access outside of Transbase®.

The TCP / IP interfaces have been switched to IPv6. Old IPv4 connections are still supported.

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