Transbase® CD for distribution of all types of Parts Catalogs

Transbase® CD is a variant of Transbase®, in which the data is stored in ROM files, which were previously generated from a Transbase® master database (editorial DB). The data in these ROM files is stored in a particularly compact (compressed) and protected (encrypted) form. Distribution is via large media like DVD-ROM or Blu-ray Disc.

When operating the database, Transbase® CD works directly with the ROM files without having to copy them to a writable medium. Required is only a minimal hard drive cache, so that Transbase® CD works very well on relatively economical equipped platforms. Installation and administration can be integrated directly into the application via API interfaces.

Transbase® CD supports the entire software distribution process - from the periodic creation of distribution media to customer service, including the efficient delivery of online updates. Administration and operation of the end-user databases are extremely simple and reliable.

Transbase® CD Application Areas

Transbase® CD was designed specifically for the publication of database contents, which should be available to the customer locally and thus offline. It is therefore suitable for all types of applications where central databases are to be distributed widely, in particular for:

  • Product and parts information systems
  • Technical Documentation
  • Service and Maintenance Information
For your Application Transbase® CD offers a number of functions and features that would otherwise have to be programmed by the application developer like
  • compressed storage of database contents (minimal resource requirements)
  • direct access to the ROM files during operation
  • reduced IO effort (reduction of access times)
  • platform-independent ROM storage format (only one distribution for all supported platforms)
  • virtual changeability of the data stored in the ROM files by means of hard disk cache for delta storage
  • distribution of compressed Delta-ROM files with seamless integration into the published database (update mechanism; can be generated automatically from the master database and repeated as desired)

Transbase® CD Platforms

Transbase® CD is available on all popular Windows, Linux and Unix platforms. Thanks to the portable database format, platforms can also be mixed; for example, it can be published from a Solaris or Linux platform for Windows platforms.

The management and operation of end-user databases are extremely simple and reliable, resulting in high overall system stability. Installation and administration of Transbase® CD can be integrated directly into the application via API interfaces.

Transbase® CD can also be used on embedded platforms in the same way and with the same interfaces thanks to the extremely low resource requirements and the fast accessibility. The data is often kept there on flash memory, which with the special variant & nbsp; supported by Transbase® Mobile.

Transbase® CD Data Storage

Transbase® CD offers many standard data types like:

  • integer
  • BCD coded, fixed point decimals
  • time and date
  • variable length strings
  • data types for user defined binary data of unlimited length

All coding is platform independent, so that even for different platforms only a single database image is required.

For storage of multimedia data on CD / DVD-ROM, the data type BLOB, which can be up to 2GB in size, is optimized for CD / DVD-ROM space and access speed. For example, Image, text or sound can be saved directly in the ROM database.

Transbase® CD works directly on encoded and compressed pages. This means that only minimal resources are required on the target system. This has the additional benefit of effectively protecting the database contents against unauthorised access.

All character based data types are stored as UTF-8 images, which offers full UNICODE equivalence. The UTF-8 image is very compact since the most used characters (ASCII) are stored without an expansion factor, whereas only the very rare characters (UCS-4) are expanded to up to 6 bytes. The conversion to and from UNICODE is highly efficient and bijective, occurring automatically via the database interface. This makes it possible to store and publish data in the database in all the required language variants.

Transbase® CD Update and local changes

The Transbase® CD Update mechanism is a robust, repeatable process for periodically updating content originally published on CD / DVD.

Although the data in Transbase® CD are stored in ROM Files, they can be modified using SQL commands, just like a normal Transbase® database. This is achieved by a permanent hard disk cache, which stores changed database pages on the hard disk and thus shadows pages in the ROM files. For the application, the database behaves as if the data were simply changed, eliminating the need for custom change management.

Transbase® CD calculates the changes as a compressed delta to the published database. While typically the changes only effect a tiny part of the entire data, the deltas are relatively small and can therefore be distributed over the internet in compressed form. After receiving the delta the database is updated. Then the database can be used completely autonomously again.

From V. 8.1 on Transbase® CD has a significantly simplified publishing process. Thus, in the new version each database can now be published immediately without a pre-configured editorial database.

The previous clusters of Transbase® CD were eliminated and mapped to DATASPACES. Their use has been standardized. DATASPACES can grow in size by attaching files and are thus no longer statically limited in their growth.

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