Transbase® Mobile for high-performance Applications on mobile Devices

Transbase® Mobile is a configuration variant of Transbase®, designed for special operation in embedded systems. The complete Footprint of Transbase® Mobile (code and system data) is less than 2 MB with a correspondingly adapted installation and configuration - without any functional restrictions.

Due to its resource-optimized configuration, Transbase® Mobile is ideally suited for
Benefits for Development and Operation of Applications are:
  • Simple porting of PC application to embedded platforms as all interfaces of Transbase remain unchanged.
  • Easy administration and configuration which can be embedded into your application seamlessly
  • Conpressed and encrypted data storage
  • Easy online updates using database tools

These features enable Transbase® Mobile to realize a maximum of functionality and performance on the basis of minimum resources, while reducing costs - with optimal up-to-dateness of the data contents.

Transbase® Mobile Features

Transbase® Mobile is the ideal database for mobile applications due to special features like:
  • Fast and direct data storage in B+ trees
  • Efficient index technology supports all kinds of search requests like bitmap indexes, multi dimensional indexes (in combination with Transbase® Hypercube), full-text indexes (in combination with Transbase® Fulltext)
  • With consideration for the physical structure of the data and the possibilities they offer for access, the SQL optimizer generates optimal operation plans, even for complex, normalised database schemas.
  • Because of the possibility of parallel execution of the plans and as a result of asynchronous IO, significant performance improvements are achieved, especially in the case of real multi processor systems.
  • By means of the integrated data encryption (both in the database itself and in the communication between the database and the application) a high degree of data security is achieved, which is essential for many embedded applications. User concepts, especially authorisation and privileges, also play a role in this.
  • The integrated data compression of Transbase® Mobile leads to significant reduction in storage costs, which is of central importance for every embedded application, especially in the case a of high number of occurrences.
  • Beyond that the data compression leads to improved performance of the application on modern powerful CPUs.
  • The integrated data cache, which can be configured as to size, serves to extend the life of flash storage media, in that it reduces the IO access processes to a minimum. In parallel the data cache performs a significant role in the performance of the application and can be scaled in accordance with demands.
  • Because of the strict transaction based focus of all queries and applications, a high degree of data security is achieved. This is of key importance for many embedded systems, which often operate under difficult external conditions and are therefore compelled to fulfil increased requirements for security. The integrity of the data is guaranteed by Transbase® Mobile, even after system failures or operational or user errors, without the application having to bear the responsibility.
  • In combination with Transbase® D the data can even be shared between a local and a central data store. The distributed queries are thereby fully transparent for the application and are automatically optimally processed by Transbase® D. Even distributed write transactions are fully supported.

Transbase® Mobile Schnittstellen & Plattformen

The availability of standard interfaces such as JDBC, ODBC, .NET, OLEDB or PHP allows the application programmer to apply development tools of all kinds, which benefits the productivity of the software development and serves to provide investment protection.

Transbase® Mobile is available on all Windows, Linux and Unix platforms of all relevant versions. Due to the portable database base format platforms can be mixed. For example on a Solaris or a Linux platform it is possible to publish on a Windows platform.

The administration and the use of the databases are very easy and robust for the end user so that the whole system is very stable. The installation and the administration of Transbase® Embedded can be built in directly into the application via API interfaces.

Read more about Transbase® Mobile or a Customer Use Case for efficient use.

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