Transbase® Myriad Framework for archiving electronical documents

Transbase® Myriad is a framework for applications for the complete recording and archiving of text documents and associated meta-information.

Transbase® Myriad supports the reliable archiving of all types of documents, books, articles, technical publications, and any other type of text information, as well as the provision of accurate, in-depth research. 

What can I use Transbase® Myriad for?

For many years Transbase® Myriad has been used successfully as

  • library system
  • Patent search system architecture

In addition to powerful archiving tools, Transbase® Myriad enables document research both via descriptive fields and an extended full-text search.

The data model of the Myriad archives is document-centric. Any additional information (so-called structural fields) can be stored for each document. These can be used in their manifestations, i. its data type and the permissible number of values ​​(simple, multiple).

Full-text search is word-oriented. Keywords (suffixes, prefixes, infixes) can be used to search. Operators (AND, OR, NOT) are available. The logical neighborhood search is implicitly defined by the word sequence. Minimum and maximum distances can be specified.

The efficiency of the overall system is characterized by:

  • Versioning the stored information
  • Security concepts for archived content
  • Descriptive fields (single or multiple occurrences) freely definable in number, name, type and form
  • Any combination of description and full-text predicates can be combined into inquiries
  • Storing and re-using the request results (for example, as a basis for a further restrictive request without having to repeat the basic request)
  • Simultaneous distribution of a query across multiple archives
  • Batch Loader with own script language for mass data acquisition
  • Online archiving mechanisms

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