A wide range of Application Scenarios with Transaction Software

The high-performance database system Transbase® can be used in all areas where a robust and efficient data management is required due to its slim architecture with high efficiency and scalability. Its unique technologies provide your application with special and optimized functionality - out-of-the-box. The built-in technologies simplify the development and operation of the applications and thus contribute particularly to the robustness of the entire software system. It saves you the explicit programming within your application.

Secure and immutable transactions are the foundation of secure business processes in the digital age. Blockchain serves as a beacon of hope for storing data, information and documents. Numerous applications can be found across all industries - finance and insurance, energy, eHealth, pharmaceuticals, logistics, industrial automation (Industry 4.0) and more C-Chain books all transactions of a digital business process in a correct, immutable, complete and checkable (CICC) way into a ledger.

With SecureBase all confidential documents such as contracts, patent data, papers, photos, videos and much more can be securely stored and exchanged.

For our customers we have created follwing solutions

  • Edge Computing and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
    Transbase® Edge can be operated as an IoT database thanks to the new Single Process Architecture (SPA), and thus represents the extension of Transbase® Mobile for IoT devices. It is only known and available for one application, does not require system-wide service, and is tightly integrated into the application process as a microservice. With Transbase® Edge, external access to the database can be restricted to a single application. Onboard C-chain is a C-chain version especially for M2M processes, such as those found in the areas of intelligent manufacturing, robotic process automation, eMobility, smart energy or eHealth. All components of C-chain are bundled in one device. So the complete C-chain system can be used on a single edge computer like running a Raspberry Pi.

  • Connected Car & eMobility
  • With Transbase® Crowd aggregated data from many / cascaded Transbase® Edge nodes can be processed in the vehicles. The driver / owner decides whether or not to provide specific vehicle data by connecting the Transbase® Edge Node to Transbase® Crowd or not. Transbase® Crowd scales arbitrarily, both in parallel and hierarchically.


  • Applications on mobile platforms have limited resources. With our streamlined and resource-efficient data base system Transbase® Mobile, you get maximum performance and performance, an even slimmer Transbase® version specially adapted to this platform, which avoids any overhead unnecessary in this constellation.


  • Secure Document Exchange (SDES)
    SecureBase ensures a Secure Document Exchange System (SDES). End-to-end encryption enables both secure transport and secure storage of data. Each user generates a key pair from a public and a secret key for encryption and decryption of the data.


  • Aftermarket Information Systems
    Your requirements for Database Publishing Applications on read-only media like CD, DVD or Blu-ray can be implemented with Transbase® CD. Thanks to its special Technology, Transbase® CD not only supports the efficient operation of the Application with direct access to the ROM data but also the entire process of production and distribution of media and updates - even over the Internet.


  • Data Warehouse and BA/BI Applications
    Through its unique Hypercube Indexing Technology, Transbase® Hypercube supports data analysis and enables high-performance operation of your Data Warehouse Systems and BA / BI Applications, even with very large and rapidly growing data stocks.

The special technologies of Transbase®,  C-chain and SecureBase prove to be advantageous for a wide range of other fields of application, which we would like to tap into with you. Contact us.