Aftermarket Information Systems with Transbase® CD

Today's challenges - complex vehicle information systems

In a wide range of complex Information Systems, physical distribution and decentralized availability of information assets play a central role. These include, for example, parts and service information systems or catalogs of all kinds.

Important requirements of the Service Information Systems are:
  • Information must also be available when an online connection is not available or is not desired for security reasons.
  •  Large documents (e.g., images and assembly instructions) do not have to be transmitted for each access if they rarely change.
  • Such published information must be updatable - online or through new versions of the distribution medium.

Such requirements cause high development and maintenance costs during application development if the process is not adequately supported by the database system used.

Our solution: Transbase® CD

With Transbase® CD, we offer you the perfectly designed Database System, which supports both the publication and the updating process with special features. The compressed and encrypted storage of the data on the distribution medium also plays a decisive role.

Transbase® CD was designed specifically for the publication of database content, which is to be available to the customer locally and therefore offline. It is therefore suitable for all types of applications where central databases are to be distributed widely, in particular for:

  • Product and parts Information Systems
  • Technical Documentation
  • Service and Maintenance Information
  • Electronic Catalogs of all types
Advantages for your Application:

Our Transbase® CD, developed especially for this market, has some functions and features out-of-the-box that you would otherwise have to implement in your application.

  • Minimum resource requirement by compressing database contents
  • Direct access to the ROM files during operation
  • The expense for the decompression of the data is compensated by a reduced IO expenditure or even leads to a reduction of the access times.
  • Platform-independent ROM storage format, so only one distribution is required for all supported platforms. Virtual modification of the data stored in the ROM files. This is achieved by a hard disk cache that stores changed database pages.
  • Efficient update mechanism by the distribution of compressed delta ROM files, which are seamlessly integrated into the published database. These can be generated automatically from the master database, which can be repeated as required.

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