Business Analytics & Data Warehouse Applications with Transbase®

Today's challenges - multidimensionally structured databases

Larger and more complex Systems require even more intelligent storage and analysis technologies. Only in this way can the important information be reliably and quickly obtained from very large and constantly growing amount of data.

Support of multidimensional data files:

The data stocks of Business Analytics & Data Warehouse systems are structured in a multidimensional manner, i. At the same time, they are classified according to a number of different features, which also have a partial hierarchical structure. During the analysis, this data must be selected or aggregated simultaneously according to selected areas of these characteristics. The efficient consideration of the individual hierarchy levels represents a major challenge for the database system in interactive data analysis (slice and dice).

Our solution: Transbase® Hypercube

The Hypercube Special Index of Transbase® uniquely supports these unique data structures, making it the only commercial database system to date with this technology.

The full integration of Hypercube technology into Transbase® not only supports efficient data analysis, but also makes the entire process of data transfer and maintenance of master data considerably easier.

With this, Transbase® Hypercube sets the course for increasing the performance of data warehouse systems and BA / BI applications in your company and securing your edge over your competitors. Transbase® Hypercube also helps you deliver complex analytic applications and minimize query times from business intelligence applications. Even complex ad-hoc queries can be carried out even more effectively on the basis of Transbase® Hypercube.

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