Secure digital Business Processes with C-chain

Secure and immutable transactions are the foundation of secure Business Processes in the digital age. Blockchain serves as a beacon of hope for storing data, information and documents. Numerous applications can be found across all industries - finance and insurance, energy, eHealth, pharmaceuticals, logistics, industrial automation (Industry 4.0) and more.

With C-chain we have created a solution with which digital transactions can be booked correctly, immutably, completely and checkably (CICC paradigm of C-chain).

Similar to other Blockchain implementations, C-chain consists of a distributed database whose contents are protected against subsequent changes. The actors in the C-chain can securely exchange their data via transaction chains in the C-chain architecture. Compared to other Blockchain variants, C-chain is extremely environmentally friendly and much more efficient, simpler and very easy to handle.

Based on C-chain, we support application scenarios across all sectors:

  • in eMobility: Car Sharing / Car Leasing / eCharging / Maintenance Chain Tracking
  • in Industrial Automation: IIoT Provisioning / Robot Process Automation (RPA) / Predictive Maintenance
  • in the Documents section: Intellectual Property Management / Citizens Safe
  • for eHealth: Patient Regulations
  • in B2C: Access Control Replacement / Member Cards / Email Certification / C-depot Stock Trading

For various reasons, we haven't published all the C-chain showcases we are currently working on. We are happy to talk with you personally about the possibilities of secure Business Process Modeling with C-chain. Please contact us.

We have compiled detailed business scenarios for you for the following C-chain showcases:

Do you have a specific scenario in planning? Then please contact us. We are happy to provide you with our know-how in the area of business modeling based on C-chain.