Secure digital Business Processes with C-chain (Blockchain)

Today's challenges

Secure and immutable transactions are the foundation of secure Business Processes in the digital age. Blockchain serves as a beacon of hope for storing data, information and documents. Numerous applications can be found across all industries as finance and insurance, energy, eHealth, pharmaceuticals, logistics, industrial automation (Robotic Process Automation), Industry 4.0.

However, in many Blockchain implementations (proof of ...), the energy consumption to confirm the correctness of a transaction is so high that it SHOULDN'T actually prevail from an environmental perspective. We all have only one planet. How do we want to deal with it?

Our answer is C-chain. As a Blockchain solution, C-chain consists of a distributed database, the contents of which are protected against subsequent changes. The participants in the C-chain can securely exchange their data via transaction chains in the C-chain architecture. C-chain is architecturally simple (low implementation costs), efficient (high throughput), very easy to use (suitable for everyone) and extremely environmentally friendly (blockchain doesn't have to be a polluter!).

C-chain is a solution to book digital transactions correctly, immutably, completely and checkably (CICC) in an environmentally friendly manner.

Based on C-chain, we support Business Processes across all sectors
  • Finance: C-cash (cash substitute) / C-bank (simple electronic banking) / C-depot (deposits management)
  • eMobility: Car Sharing / Car Leasing / eCharging / Maintenance Chain Tracking
  • Industrial Automation: IIoT Provisioning / Robot Process Automation (RPA) / Predictive Maintenance
  • Document Management: Intellectual Property Management / Citizens Safe
  • eHealth: Patient Regulations
  • B2C: Access Control Replacement / Member Cards / Email Certification
We have illustrated the following application scenarios for you with C-chain

We would be happy to discuss with you personally the possibilities of secure business process modeling with C-chain in your company. Are you planning a specific scenario? Then please contact us. We are happy to provide you with our know-how in the area of business modeling based on C-chain.