Connected Car & eMobility of today with Transaction Software

Today's challenges

Digitization in the vehicle is progressing with huge steps. Nowadays, it still largely refers to the vehicle and the technology around the vehicle itself. In the future, vehicles will communicate with each other and exchange information.

The car is transformed from a vehicle that takes people from A to B to a mobility platform that connects people with external service providers of all kinds.

Connecting the vehicles gives enormous advantages such as
  • Risk reduction of accidents through more efficient use of transport infrastructure
  • Avoidance of traffic jams by early detection of traffic delays
  • Optimization of work time and leisure time through targeted offers 'on the way'

With Transbase® Edge, we've created a technology that can handle the massive amounts of data - and enable rapid on-the-ground decisions.
With C-chain, digital business processes can be booked correctly, immutably, completely and checkably (CICC) in an environmentally friendly manner. We show it to you at the following showcase.

Showcase: eMobility app with Transbase® Edge and C-chain

With Transbase® Edge the aggregated processing of inquiries takes place via the Crowd functionality in the vehicle itself (Edge Computing). The cascading transfer of specific query results via Transbase® Crowd helps you to build a hierarchical system of networked Transbase® Edge nodes (vehicles). Important: The data does not leave the vehicle.

The Business Process:

In our showcase, we'll show you how to use Transbase® Edge and C-chain to tailor deals to road users you select and close deals with while they are on their way from A to B.

We want to offer all on-street red cars in the city areas of Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg a voucher for a coffee-to-go at the nearest gas station of the chain "MYTANK", thereby increasing the number of customers of MYTANK. 

Only red vehicles in the city of Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg can accept the offer for a coffee-to-go voucher from MYTANK.
The Process Steps:
Each vehicle is equipped with a Transbase® Edge database.

Almost 47 million cars are currently registered in Germany alone.
Supposedly 10 million of them are on the streets at the same time.
The transmission rate per vehicle is 10 kB per second.
The generated data volume is therefore about 100 GB per second or about 100 TB per day.
Are these amounts of data evaluable in the 'Cloud' within a reasonable timeframe?

As a provider of the eMobility app, you do not have to worry about it, because with Transbase® Crowd the data stays in the car.

Transbase® Crowd provides your eMobility App with aggregated vehicle data.

In our example, Transbase® Crowd provides 'MUC-hub' with aggregated data of vehicles traveling within the city limits of Munich.
Your eMobility app wants data from these vehicles? Therefore it sends the data request to Transbase® Crowd in the 'MUC-hub'.

How does Transbase® Crowd provide your eMobility App with data?

Instead of sending the car data of each individual vehicle to the 'cloud' for processing, they simply stay in the car.
Transbase® Crowd provides you with aggregated data from the Transbase® Edge nodes in the vehicles.

The driver/owner decides whether or not to provide specific vehicle data by allowing his Transbase® Edge node to connect to Transbase® Crowd or not.
Transbase® Crowd scales freely, both in parallel and hierarchically.

C-chain books Business Transactions with selected vehicles for your eMobility App.

Your eMobility App reaches all vehicles that connect to Transbase® Crowd based on given parameters (time, GPS data, etc.). In our example, these are the inner cities of Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg. If a driver does not want to receive the offers from your eMobility App, he can simply control this by not connecting to Transbase® Crowd.

If the driver wants to take advantage of your offer, he confirms it via the C-chain App.The Business Transaction generated by your eMobility app will then be posted on the CICC C-Chain paradigm on both sides, ie. this transaction between your eMobility App and the corresponding vehicles is correct, immutable, complete and checkable. It cannot be undone or deleted.

Only red vehicles in the city of Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg can accept the offer for a MYTANK coffee-to-go voucher.

This is eMobility of today: responsible and customer-centric!

So, it depends on the attractiveness of your offer. In other words, you can be sure that all the vehicles that receive your offers really want to receive your offers. After all, you are interacting with your customers through Transbase® Crowd: while driving through the city, the driver decides whether or not to communicate with you, thereby increasing the likelihood of accepting your offer. 

Would you like to know more about Transbase® Edge or are you an Application Provider and looking for a powerful Technology Partner? Then join our Transbase® Partner Program or contact us. We look forward to the partnership.