IIoT Process Automation with Transaction Software

Today's challenges

The annual volume of new data generated by Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) will be over 163 ZB by 2025 - that is, about 447 EB daily, 310 PB per minute or 5,200 TB per second. Powerful Database Services on Smartphones and Tablets are essential. An IoT Database System on mobile Devices makes your Application faster, more convenient and easier to use.

With Transbase® Edge we have created a Database Technology that can handle the vast amount of data and deliver the results to the IoT-Device itself - where a quick decision is needed. With Transbase® Edge we combine decentralized measurement and central decision in a system of networked IoT Edge Devices.

Showcase: Layer of Trust & IIoT intelligent Data Retrieval

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is placing new demands on data retrieval and data analysis. IoT sensors permanently generate data in very large quantities. The loss of data within a specific measurement interval usually does not lead to significant decision changes (the cooling is switched on because a sensor is exceeding the threshold value once or 50 times an interval), in contrast to decisions in the classic IT environment.

IoT data trigger actions on specific events in real time. The actions performed are the results of certain sensor values or constellations of sensor values. It is essential to rely on the correctness of the input data not to compromise the whole process. To ensure that we complete the common IoT process with C-chain as gatekeeper of the Layer of Trust (reference architecture) and Transbase® Edge as intelligent data retrieval machine.

C-chain ensures the correctness of the sensor data and stores it in a correct, immutable, complete and checkable Blockchain format. From there, aggregated data can be retreived by Transbase® Edge through its internal pull functionality Crowd and analyzed locally (realtime analytics) or forwarded to the Cloud (push) for more sophisticated AI/ML analysis, statistics or storage.

The following IIoT reference architecture shows the software components C-chain and Transbase® Edge / Crowd working together to carry out IIoT processes safely and efficiently.

IIoT Reference Architecture - Layer of Trust

The Process Steps:

The values of the device sensors are intercepted by C-chain directly at the source and forwarded as a secure, immutable blockchain (Layer of Trust). In this phase, specific transaction chains can be created using smart Contracts.

Transbase® Edge enables the control of parallel database queries via any number of connected edge databases from a central instance via the new crowd function (from V. 8.3). While the original data is still on the end devices, the query results can be collected and aggregated by the central authority.

Using the Transbase® Crowd function, data can also be partitioned and distributed horizontally across a pool of databases with an identical database schema. Vertical partitioning of data can also be achieved.



Transbase® Edge for IIoT – Highlights

Flash Storage Support

IoT devices typically use nonvolatile storage (flash storage) based on electrically programmable high-speed memory (see Solid State Drive = SSD). Data can be written at high speed and I / O operations can be performed very quickly. Flash storage is very fast, but frequent writing can significantly reduce its life.

Transbase® Edge is optimized for flash storage. It detects potential memory errors for persisted data and can minimize the number of writes. Transbase® Edge controls this through the flexible configuration of its main memory cache. Depending on the application, the cache is configured as large as necessary, minimizing physical I / O. The application gets faster and writes less often. The Transbase® cache is loaded and, depending on the size of the cache, written back to the flash storage at the latest when the database is shut down.

IoT & Transbase® Log

To ensure the stability of database changes, the Transbase® Log is permanently written to disk. This can be flexibly influenced by the IoT application. The size of the log block can be configured to be larger than the size of the database block, which affects both performance and reliability.

The log is written asynchronously whenever a log block is completed. As a result, there is always only one log block in memory and not on hard disk, which limits the number of lost updates in the event of a power failure. The time and frequency of how often a log block is written can be configured.

The use of Transbase® Edge as embedded database offers numerous advantages in terms of efficiency, robustness, performance, reusability, modularization and security. The integrated transaction concept allows software products to be developed in a completely different quality level.

Despite full and complete functionality, the complete footprint of Transbase® Edge (code and system data) is less than 2 MB if configured accordingly. Because all Transbase® interfaces remain identical, classic Transbase®-based PC applications can easily be ported to embedded platforms without modification. On these platforms, applications and data can be used unchanged.

Secure M2M Processes with onboard C-chain

Onboard C-chain is a C-chain version especially for M2M processes as they occur within Intelligent Manufacturing, Robotic Process Automation, eMobility, Smart Energy or eHealth. All components of C-chain are bundled in one device. So the complete C-chain system can be used on a single edge computer like Raspberry Pi.

In this implementation, C-chain is secure, encapsulated, certified, and shielded from the outside by a closed firewall. The close coupling of all C-chain components (UDB, TDB, C-chain client, protocol client, smart Contract) and the embedded shared memory database results in extremely high transaction rates of more than 2,400 (two thousand four hundred) transactions per second as needed fe. for a large digital factory.

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