Edge Computing & Automation in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The annual volume of new data generated by Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) will be over 163 ZB by 2025 - that is, about 447 EB daily, 310 PB per minute or 5,200 TB per second. Powerful Database Services on Smartphones and Tablets are essential. An IoT Database System on mobile Devices makes your Application faster, more convenient and easier to use.

With Transbase® Edge we have created a Database Technology that can handle the vast amount of data and deliver the results to the IoT-Device itself - where a quick decision is needed. With Transbase® Edge we combine decentralized measurement and central decision in a system of networked IoT Edge Devices.

IoT & Transbase® Crowd

 Transbase® Edge uses the new crowd function (as of v. 8.3) to control parallel database queries via any number of connected edge databases from a central instance. While the original data is still on the edge device, the query results can be collected and aggregated by the central instance. This makes Transbase® Edge ideal as an IoT database. The Transbase® Crowd feature also allows data to be partitioned and distributed horizontally across a pool of databases with the same database schema. Vertical partitioning of data can be accomplished by integrating the primary key into a view. 

Transbase® HyPerf Benchmark

We meet the digital challenges and have tested Transbase® against other Databases in a HyPerf Benchmark. The result is convincing.

The HyPerf Benchmark shows the excellent INSERT and SELECT performance of Transbase® on large multi-dimensional tables, which are very important for today's applications. Smartphones collect, for example, many fitness or health data with at least one geographic and temporal dimension and associate readings with each search point.

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