Mobile Diagnostic Devices and Microcomputers with Transbase® Mobile

Today's challenges - maximum functionality on smallest devices

Today, mobile devices are complex software systems - sophisticated specialized equipment in various industrial sectors, but also increasingly consumer devices.

The challenge for software developers is to balance maximum functionality and performance with the limited resources of embedded platforms.

Transbase® Mobile is the perfect database system for mobile apps due to

  • Use of full SQL functionality and realization of all associated benefits
  • Minimal resource load on embedded platforms
  • Central technologies such as the compressed and if necessary encrypted storage of the data

Transbase® Mobile paves the way for highly efficient development and trouble-free operation of your mobile application. It takes into account both the limited storage offer and the need for maximum data security. The parallelized query evaluation (Transbase® Dynamic Multithreading) even allows the exploitation of multiprocessor architectures within individual subqueries.

Transbase® Mobile on mobile Diagnostic Devices in the Automotive Aftermarket (KTS)

More performance, a higher number of processors, faster and larger memory: the increased performance makes mobile devices the appropriate platform for a growing number of applications with a corresponding demand for storage space.

Advantages of Transbase® on mobile Diagnostic Tools:

  • Simplified synchronization with central databases
  • No multiple storage of data in the applications due to direct exchange via the database
  • Transaction protection and persistence in complex operations (completely or not at all)
  • Data integrity through security using constraints in the embedded database system

Read the Robert Bosch GmbH Use Case.

Transbase® Mobile on Microcomputers (Raspberry Pi)

With Version 7.1.2 Transbase® is available on the ARM-based platform family Raspberry Pi and related platforms such as Odroid (very popular for Embedded Software with Linux variants RASPBIAN, PIDORA or ARCH LINUX). On these platforms, Transbase® can take full advantage of its strength and provide the best Database Performance with minimal resources.

Administration and roll-out of Databases are very simple: Transbase® automatically adapts to the size of the available main memory and the number of processor cores - without functional limitations.

Embedded systems generally use flash memory (e.g. SD cards) to store persistent data. Transbase® supports these media v. a. by writing a sequential transaction log to guarantee persistence - without repeated writing of individual database blocks.

Transbase® Mobile on Smartphones & Tablets (iphone)

The most widely used Android and iOS operating systems do not allow process-like third-party services. For Transbase® Edge was created an architecture that creates a 'private' Database. The Database embedded in the process provides for the app an interface, through which the integration into the respective operating system is implemented. In spite of the embedding, the Database can be used more or less by the App because of this Process Architecture.


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