Secure Document Exchange System (SDES) with Transaction Software

Today's challenges

The digital transformation arrives in every area of ​​life. The relationship between doctor and patient is becoming increasingly digital: eHealth - without question, we want a safe document exchange here.

The doctor and patient both depend on it and trust that the data is in safe hands and not manipulated, neither during the transport via various networks nor at the device itself.

Showcase: Secure diagnosis transmission from doctor to patient

With SecureBase we can ensure a Secure Document Exchange System (SDES). The end-to-end encryption allows both secure transport and secure storage of the data.


The Business Process:
The Process Steps:

Each user has a key pair consisting of a public and a private key. The public key is used for encryption, the private key is used to decrypt the documents.

In our case, the doctor uses the public key of patient 1 to generate a document key for Medical Diagnosis 1, which only he and patient 1 are allowed to read. With the public key of patient 2, he generates a document key for Medical Diagnosis 2, which only he and patient 2 are allowed to read.

The doctor places both public document keys in SecureBase. They are thus accessible to other users, e.g. to exchange documents. The respective private key is - saved with a password - stored on the device of the corresponding patient (smartphone, tablet, PC).


The documents encrypted for patient 1 can only be decrypted with the private key of patient 1. So as long as patient 1 keeps his private key for himself, he can be sure that no one else can read his documents - not even an administrator.

Therefore, documents can be stored in the cloud and transported over the Internet without jeopardizing the privacy of the data. Before this happens, however, the identity and authenticity of the user (the key) must be checked.

The exchange of documents can also be done in SecureBase. That When patient 2 wants to send a document to the doctor, she encrypts it with the doctor's public key, which is stored in SecureBase and accessible to any user. Thus, the secure exchange of the document is guaranteed.


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SecureBase is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology based on a resolution of the German Bundestag.