Vivo Health & Fitness with Transaction Software

On behalf of Generali Versicherung AG, we developed the insurance product Vivo - a personal coach for all situations of everyday life. Vivo is a smart solution that combines sophisticated self-service features as well as professional medical services and active care services. The design concept was mainly designed for simple and intuitive handling and operation. A variety of functions can be operated via your smartphone as well as your Smartwatch.

The Generali insurance product Vivo is your personal coach in all everyday situations, whether emergency or daily routine. A smart and digital solution that cleverly combines services as self-service elements as well as professional medical services and active care services.

Generali Vivo not only increases safety, it also increases the well-being of the Best Ager generation. Generali Vivo can be completed in two versions. The premium package has the benefits of comfort protection and also offers even more security and personal, medical advice.

Comfort protection services:

  • SOS emergency call
  • Medication reminder
  • My training
  • Find a doctor and make an online appointment
  • Assistance after hospital stay benefits

Premium protection: additional

  • Activity meter
  • Health phone

SOS emergency call trigger for critical situations. Your current position will be transmitted immediately to your helpers and to Generali. After a cancellation period of 10 seconds, you will automatically be connected to Generali's telephone service. If you are unable to make phone calls, your position and voice recordings will continue to be transmitted to your helpers and to Generali and the required steps will be taken.


You can enter all your medicines to be taken with their intake times, dosage, intake notes, etc. You will be reminded at the appropriate times on the phone and clock which medication you need to take at what dosage. If you do not confirm a medication reminder, your helper will be notified 30 minutes later; if it is a particularly important drug with activated 'immediate', Generali is also notified.


Based on Google Fit, your movements are recorded continuously, giving you an overview of your steps, your distance traveled (depending on your step size), and the time duration - both for the current day, the current week, and the current month. If you are not moving within 2 hours (with the exception of night or rest), you will be reminded to do a few steps. If after 30 minutes you can still not record any activity, your helpers will be notified; after another 30 minutes without activity, Generali will be informed.


Via a fixed telephone number you will be directly connected to the Assistance of Generali - and can describe your problem.


Under miscellaneous you will be offered various 'helpers' for your everyday life as

PINS: Secured by means of a super password, you can store your PINs, TANs, passwords, etc. - you just need to remember your super password! 
Voice notes: You can simply record a voicemail and start playing again at a different time. 
Text notes: Here you can create any notes and retrieve them at any time.